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AFT Healthcare-Maryland (Unit E) Members to be Paid While Off September 2

September 2, 2011, the Friday before Labor Day, is the first day for which paid administrative leave will be available for non-24/7 employees. Last year, employees were forced to take the Friday before Labor Day off without pay.
To offset the impact that furloughs and the temporary salary reduction plan had on non-contractual state employees, the new contract authorizes paid administrative leave for those employees. 
For Fiscal Years 2012, 2013, and 2014, the state will provide the “service reduction days” for non-24/7 employees according to the following schedule:
1. The Friday before Labor Day,
2. The day before Thanksgiving,
3. The day before Christmas holiday,
4. The day before New Year’s Day holiday, and
5. The Friday before Memorial Day.
The union fought to get compensation for workers who experienced furloughs and pay reductions, and the provision of paid administrative leave is the result of the union’s negotiations.
Qualifying employees should take advantage of the paid administrative leave days. It is their right under the contract the union negotiated for all Unit E employees.

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