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Members go to Annapolis to fight for pay equity

Charge nurses and physicians took to Annapolis to lobby legislators for better pay. As it is, physician clinical specialists do not receive the same pay as psychiatrist clinical in a given state facility. AFT Healthcare-Maryland, which represents physician clinical specialists, are working hard to ensure our members who do comparable work receive comparable pay. This is important because quality pay ensures decent and necessary staffing. Properly staffed facilities can help ensure the safety of staff and enhance the quality of service our members provide.

In addition, the union advocated for charge nurses at Perkins Hospital. AFT Healthcare-Maryland wants to ensure that registered nurses (RNs) aren’t being paid more than the charge nurses who train them. This means the union lobbies for legislators to take budgetary action to ensure that those who are just starting as nurses for the state aren’t paid at a greater rate than those who have invested a number of years as state nurses. AFT Healthcare-Maryland was pleased to meet and discuss the measure with Del. Pat Young. Del. Young is a the chair of the Baltimore County Delegation in the Maryland House of Delegates and is also on the appropriations committee.


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