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Members Lobby in Annapolis

MPEC and AFT Healthcare-Maryland gathered in Annapolis to once again call on the General Assembly and remind Governor Hogan to #InvestinMD. Members, staff, and leadership met with delegates and senators of the General Assembly to ensure they remember all of the indispensable services state employees provide for Marylanders.

While it is important that air quality be held to a safe and healthy standard, MPEC and AFT Healthcare-Maryland members reminded legislators that #SomeCutsDontHeal. Cuts to state employees amount to a cut in the high quality state service that Marylanders deserve. The unions made sure lawmakers know we will not stand for any state deficit to be balanced on the backs of state workers.

There were calls for cost of living adjustment (COLA) increases as well as a demand to end the PIN elimination program that are doing away with so many state jobs. Members explained that Maryland is nationally renowned for exceptional state services but the elimination of positions via PIN attrition will be a great cost to Maryland residents who rely on state services. In addition, study after study has shown that when public services are cut, they are often replaced by private contractors at a higher cost to taxpayers.

The Lobby Night was effective in bringing the concerns of state workers to the General Assembly. With so much before the body, it is important to have a consistent presence in Annapolis. Legislators realized that MPEC and AFT Healthcare-Maryland members aren’t simply state workers but citizens, residents, and most importantly tax-paying constituents.

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