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Bargaining Update


We are pleased with the progress and quick movement on strengthening the State's Workplace Bullying Policy. After presenting deficiencies in the policy to the State's contract negotiation's team, the state issued directives to all state HR Directors that will require an immediate response to bullying allegations. Additionally, we pressed the state to require MDOT to implement the policy immediately, and they complied. Good progress has been made on the issue of workplace bullying. 

While we've made good progress on the issue of workplace bullying, the State’s overall proposals


It’s all hands on deck time! The newest version of "Trumpcare" might just be the worst. Find out the key facts about ‘Graham-Cassidy’ legislation - which slashes Medicaid, transfers funds from states that expanded Medicaid to those that provide meager support for health coverage, allows states to raise costs to sick and older residents, and charges more for essential coverage like maternity care. See below for ways to engage:

On AFT All In website.

More on the latest #Trumpcare and to see the impact on your state:



In 2014, AFT Healthcare-Maryland negotiated a Hiring & Retention Bonus for RNs in 24/7 facilities. When bonuses were due to be paid, the State imposed certain eligibility criteria which were never negotiated with the union. After three years of disputing the issue with the State, the union received a decision from the arbitrator on August 3rd.