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On February 14, 2018 AFT Healthcare President Debra Perry and Governor Hogan, along with our bargaining team, held a ceremonial signing ceremony for our contract at the Governor's office. See Photos!


On January 24th,  AFT Healthcare Maryland members ratified our 2018 - 2020 contract by 95%.  The vote count was 191 for approval of the contract and 11 against.  The vote count was conducted by AFT Staff Jennifer Porcari assisted by  Marty Guinane.  AFT Healthcare Maryland President Debra Perry witnessed the vote count.   


The AFT Healthcare-Maryland bargaining team is pleased to present the 2018-2020 Tentative Agreement to the AFT Healthcare-Maryland bargaining unit.  There are four separate documents for review, as follows:

1.  The Tentative Agreement for the 2018-2020 contract

2.  Appendix A, the Registered Nurse Hiring Bonus Program

3.  Appendix B, the Registered Nurse Retention and Attendance Bonus Program

4.  The updated Policy on Bullying in the Workplace

The Bargaining team recommends acceptance of the tentative agreement.  Please come to any of the workplace information sessions that we have planned to


Have questions about the Tentative Agreement?  Come to an information session to get learn more about the new contract! 


Dear Member

Your voices were heard LOUD and CLEAR.

Our bargaining team negotiated a fair and equitable raise in the next fiscal year. That means, come January 1, 2019, members of Bargaining Unit E will receive a 2% raise.  If revenues beat projections in 2018, you will also receive an additional half-percent raise and a $500 bonus.

Concrete, guaranteed 2% raise next year.

What’s more, we negotiated two additional health care premium holidays in March of 2018, this is on top of the two premium holidays employees currently receive. You will pay no insurance premiums! That means more money in your