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AFT Healthcare Annual Member Meeting

AFT Healthcare's Annual Member Meeting will take place Monday November 16th Via Zoom from 6PM-9PM. To RSVP to the member meeting click here


1. AFTHC 2020 Election Nomination form- Send form to either PO Box 396 or you can email us the nomination form at

2. Key Dates


We concluded negotiations with the Department of Budget and Management regarding budget reductions effecting our members.  The agreement includes the following:

  1. The 2% COLA for FY 21 will be eliminated for bargaining unit E members
  2. The $500 tuition and training reimbursement program will be discontinued
  3. Beginning on 8/12/20 leave time will no longer be treated as work time for the purposes of earning overtime for FY 21
  4. Beginning on 1/1/21, the State will no longer pay more than the negotiated health benefits premium percentages.  The State will revert to contributing 80% of the premium charge for

Field Coordinator Rose Wertz of AFT Healthcare testified in front of the Board of Public Works regarding budget cuts on behalf of our members. Find her letter here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


YOUR HARD WORK HAS PAID OFF! SB 639 & SB 693 were not vetoed by Governor Hogan and despite him not signing the legislation it  will go into effect July 1st. This is a huge win that we all worked on together. This shows the power of union solidarity and how effective the union can be when everyone pulls together. A big thank you to everyone who sent letters, went to Annapolis,  talked with legislators, testified on behalf of themselves and their coworkers. Most importantly, thank you to everyone who followed up. We know agitating one time won’t get anything done. But you all showed the